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121 WebHosting, a UK based hosting company, is responsible for the provision of cloud hosting services. Cloud hosting, being the latest type of hosting, is gradually becoming popular among website developers as compared to the traditional web hosting. Having features such as improved data security, ability to handle a large amount of data traffic at high speed, reliability and SEO impact, makes cloud type of hosting the best web hosting solution. If you are planning on broadening your website and you require a site with a huge execution rate, then cloud type of hosting is most likely the best option to bring on board. Our cloud services are well equipped with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, advanced and fully loaded Cpanel and unlimited FTP accounts.
121 WebHosting is dedicated to offering web development and search engine optimisation services to its clients at pocket-friendly prices. We are also mandated to provide free Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates to our customers which are vital for encrypting communications to enhance secure connections. We are also equipped with a drag and drop website builder, code free and easy to use web builder. Our SSD cloud storage facilities ensure higher performance for databases. When it comes to performance, cloud typeof hosting is the ultimate winner. Cloud employs an auto scalable and an ultra-fast customised platform which allows it to handle high traffic. In shared web hosting, the sharing of resources of a single server among multiple users degrades its performance. We offer our cloud hosting services globally.


They are the best in everything: from pricing to support. And the people behind the company are the best: friendly, patient and very, very knowledgeable. Thanks again and Big Thumbs Up for 121 web hosting from me .

Paul Dowman, Sonamy Inc.

Yet again another great support from 121webhosting did good by me. It is hard to sound respectful in a chat yet somehow the guy did that. He was very informed and patient, and again another good experience for me.

Marsha Takoor, Level Unlock Blog

I wanted to write a quick review based on my experience utilizing the tech support . Which I am not very familiar with. The technician was very eager to understand my issue and to help me with a resolution. It was better service than expected.

Lokhilesh Brown, Indo Health Co